How do I place an order?

To place an order, you will need to either enter your address on our shopping page or click the location finder next to the address bar. As you start typing your address, suggestions will appear from Google, please select your address from the list of suggestions.

Once you have selected your address or used the location finder, you will be taken to the categories page of the Hungrily online supermarket. If delivery is available for your address you will not see any notifications on the page and can proceed to click categories to expand them and see the individual products within each. If we do not deliver to your address, you will see a notification like this:

Once you click on a category, you will be shown the items within it. To add items to your shopping cart, click the plus sign next to each item. To add multiple quantities of the same item, continue to click the plus button, and to remove an item, click the minus button. Items that are set to allow just one per order, will simply have an ADD button next to it.

When you click a plus symbol next to an item, it will move to your cart. Your cart is on the right of the screen on a desktop, and in the top right corner and the bottom of your screen on a mobile device.

Under each item within your shopping cart it will show you the maximum quantity of the item that you can order. If you exceed this number, you will not be able to checkout until you remove some of the items. To remove an item in your cart, simply click the minus button next to it.

Once you have added a minimum of £25.00 to your shopping cart, you will be able to proceed to checkout by clicking the red checkout button. On the checkout page, you will be presented with several options which include your delivery address, your items within your shopping cart, and your delivery slot.

If you would like to change the quantity of an item within your cart, you still have the plus and minus buttons available next to each item. If you would like to go back to the shop to select additional items, you can click the back arrow next to the clear button at the top of the cart.

To edit your address, click the Change Address button underneath it and options of edit and delete will appear in the right corner. If you click the edit (pencil), a slide-out address bar will appear on the right of the page to enable you to select a new address. The same logic as the home page applies here, start typing and choose the address of your choice.

When selecting your preferred delivery slot, first click the date and a pop up calendar will appear. Choose your preferred date and then click the time box to see the available delivery slots for the date you have chosen.

Once you have completed this stage click the Continue to Pay, red button at the bottom of the page. You will now be taken to the payment page where again you will be presented with several options, including the total amount you are paying, an option to tip your driver, with some easy to add percentage boxes. If you click a percentage box, the relevant per cent of your order value will be added to the order and will be paid to your delivery driver. You can also freely type an amount in the box and press the submit button.

If you have a promotional code, click the Have a discount code link on the right and a box will appear for you to enter the code. You can also redeem your loyalty points at this stage, which will reduce the amount you are due to pay. Your loyalty points balance is shown on the right, and you can enter the amount in the box that you would like to redeem. This will reduce your cost for this order and reduce your loyalty points balance accordingly.

Now you are ready for your payment method. There are two ways you can make a payment, firstly you can add a card by clicking the Add card link on the right, or you can use your Hungrily wallet. Your wallet balance is shown beneath it. If your wallet balance is lower than the amount required a top-up page will appear enabling you to add funds to your Hungrily wallet. Once you have either added a card or chosen your wallet, press the PAY button at the bottom.

Once you have completed the process, you will be diverted to your order page within your account. You will also receive an SMS and an email confirming that we have your order.

If you have any queries regarding your order, please email us at

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